Well, Christmas is over. We were sitting in our living room admiring our long dead, green-dyed Home Depot $15 Scotch Pine with it's assortment of tasteful and tacky ornamnents, and i suddenly realized that every ornament has some sort of sentimental value attached to it. From the "baby's first Christmas" to the old shiny balls Kathy got at an estate sale to the homemade collection my grandma made for us grandkids when we were growing up, they all mean something to me. It's as though my whole life is scattered on that dead tree.
We'll take the tree down next week. I'll carefully put all the ornaments back into our plastic Christmas bin, untangle the colored lights wrapped around it (with gloves on of course) and Josh will take the tree out to the alley. I'm always a little sad after Christmas. After all you spend a month (or more) getting ready for it, a few days actually celebrating and then before you know it the tree is at the curb and we live with 3 or 4 months of long gray cold winter. I love Christmas...but is it summer yet?