Josh has a blog

Josh started a blog a few days ago. the link is down there in my cool links. He's a good writer...even if he doesn't think he is. go check it out, you won't be sorry!


The girls and grandpa

OK, well here's some kind of recent pics. I'll put more of Daisy up soon. Right now I guess Elinor is just a more interesting subject :) and yes, it appears as though Daisy has the "Brown ears".


Gas well

Like my mom said, "they're always digging something around here." Oil wells, water wells, and apparently gas wells. They started drilling on the church property a few weeks ago. I guess they struck gas (which they weren't really doubting) because every once and a while I get a whiff of it. Soon after we moved here a family in the church gave $20,000 toward the well. The money the congregation would save on heating bills made the donation a worthwhile investment. Assuming there is enough in the well (i really don't understand how this all works) it would give us free gas for the church building, fellowship hall and the parsonage. Sounds pretty good huh? Anyway, here are some photos of the process. I was told that that smoky stuff is either dust or water mist. Oh, and yes, that's a picture of the drilling stuff taken on the same day that the helicopter man came. We never know what sort of equipment is going to show up in our yard :)


Daisy 2

These were taken the weekend before Easter when Chris came to visit.