Does This Seem Weird To You?

We got a special "Back To School" section in our newspaper this week. I thought it would be full of what I think back to school stuff is. Like the latest book bag styles, study tips, maybe lunch menus. But it wasn't, it was full of classroom assignments and bus schedules. That means that virtually every school-aged child in the county is listed under his or her classroom/homeroom. Which i thought was kind of strange. But then I kept looking through it. I got to the bus routes, which turned out to be detailed schedules of which bus is where and at what home at a specific time (ie: 7:43 Montgomery farm). So, I don't know...is this normal? Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it seems a little scary to me.


Sorry Sam's Club

I'm sorry Sams's Club and everyone who happened to be shopping at your Butler, PA location yesterday afternoon. Sorry for bringing a tired 2 1/2 year old into your doors, strapping her to your cart and allowing her to unleash her blood-curdling scream. However, in all fairness, we were trapped in the car with it's screaming for well over 30 minutes. So I suppose we got what was coming to us? ok, maybe not.



On my way back to PA from IL, I stopped at my parents house. While I was there, my mom gave me two red boxes. Guess what was in them...my costumes! So I got them home and washed them up, and here they are hanging on the clothesline.

If you can tell, they consist of the following:
*one gold dress I wore in "Brigadoon"
*one Scottish-looking dress I wore in "Brigadoon" (which my mom made)
*one green tweed suit which I wore in "The Man Who Came to Dinner". An actual vintage 40's dress we got at a thrift store and my mom altered.
*one silly purple dress which looks like it may have been someones prom dress in the 80's (but makes a good "Gone With the Wind" costume.
*two dresses, vintage 60's yellow and light blue, that belonged to a friends mom (who passed away some years ago).
*one Indian dress (I don't know where that came from, or how I came to possess it)
(oh, and one pair of pants belonging to Elinor that got included in that load of laundry)