City's Nature

Some more pictures at the park.

The Sacramento Playlot

We stopped at a playground yesterday on our walk back from the target. Or maybe I should say we stopped at the Target before going to the playground. Anyway, we were the only people there...a rare thing in Chicago. Also, you should know that in a lot of neighborhoods we have "playlots" instead of parks, as was the case here. I suppose the word "playlot" would indicate that someone took a vacant lot and put a playground there. If that's what you were picturing, you're more or less right. This one is pretty nice. In addition to the playground equipment there is a small basketball court and a small field for playing stickball (certainly not for playing any version of longball). It was really nice being alone there yesterday, especially with the perfect weather. It made me feel almost as though we were playing in our yard (with the possibility of hundreds of eyes looking down at us).

let me know what you think of the pictures. It was rather refreshing to be able to take pictures outside again.


One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of those days. I think you know what I mean. One of those perfect days. Warm enough to be comfortable outside, open the windows, and not wear coats. But not so hot that you sweat. We look forward to them for months, at least I do. I'm sure most of you know just how much I hate winter. Granted this winter has not been that bad. Relatively short and warm. But man, I hate the cold. It may have gotten worse since we've been in Chicago. There's lots more walking. That's why I pretty much haven't gone anywhere for months.

Yesterday I did some thinking as Elinor and I were enjoying the park. I often think about why on earth people live here. Why do we live somewhere where we can't go outside without our nose hairs turning into icicles? Anyway, as I was thinking about that I realized something. Those perfect days wouldn't feel so perfect if we had them all the time. In the summer I know I start to take the warm weather for granted. I'm still conscious of how nice it is, but the feeling is nowhere near that which I felt yesterday. Those days are rare. So perfect and refreshing. We've got more of them coming...this is the best time of the year!



I sure do love my girl. I enjoy the little time I have in the morning before she wakes up, but I look forward to popping my head in her door when she does wake up. She slowly peeks out between the rungs of her crib and squeals when she knows I see her. She's walking now, and getting smarter and smarter every day. She's become quite the problem solver, which of course means more mischief. I probably have 1000 photos just of her, these are some recent ones.

Getting a haircut

Climbing into her rocking chair