Fall Pretties

I took these a few weeks ago when there were still leaves on the trees...before it started snowing.
As a side note, Aaron and Tiffany were visiting us this week and I forgot to take any pictures. For which I could kick myself.



This is the helicopter that parks in our yard. Yeah, that's right. We live close to a hospital...very close, it's on the other side of our woods/property. This particular flying machine belongs to a doctor who lives about 30 miles to our north, and who occasionally will fly his chopper to work. We heard he used to land at the hospital, but wasn't allowed to do that anymore, so apparently he got permission from the church to land it here...in our yard. He only flies in about once every week or two, and we have yet to meet him, but I don't know, I think it's kind of neat.

Val guessed it

The black stuff on Elinor's face (pictured a few blogs below) is my mascara. She had been really quiet for a few minutes and I finally started to wonder what she could be doing...it's almost never good when she's quiet for more than 30 seconds. She actually did a pretty good job with it i think...at least she got some on her lashes.