My Belly

I suppose there aren't very many pictures of me big and pregnant. There are probably several reasons for that. 1. I'm big and pregnant 2. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I am going to try to take a few of myself today and post them for your amusement. I have to do it soon or my belly will disappear. To update you all, I'm due next Monday (March 3). We've begun the countdown. My mom arrived yesterday. She is a great help at home (and with the girl) and also she's my doula :)


The Featherstone Ball

A couple of weekends ago we went to a ball. An English country dance if you will. It was extra fun. My photos didn't turn out that great (as it was kind of dark) but here is a sampling of a few. We actually learned some dances featured in Jane Austen movies. We saw one in Pride and Prejudice (with keira knightly) that we knew. I borrowed my dress from Lacy (gloves too). She is pictured here as well, some of you know her I suppose some of you don't. Anyway, she made her dress, I wish I could've gotten a photo of the back of it...it was awesome. Lacy was actually the hostess of the event which is how we knew about it. Josh's grandma actually made his costume...in like one day or something crazy. If I hear of scheduled in the future I'll let you all know so you can come. It'd be worth the drive! Can you imagine all the buddies dancing together old school? Could there be anything funner?!


The New Millennium

That's right, the Reinders have entered the new millennium. We finally traded in the old Pontiac for a 2003 Grand Caravan. Yep, we've gone minivan. Here is how it started: In PA your car has to pass an inspection, and I mean a full vehicle inspection not just an emissions test. Needless to say the '91 Pontiac came up a bit short...ok a lot short. It was to the point where we were going to have to put a pretty big chunk of change into it to fix it or find a different car. We decided on the latter. Through a generous offering from our church (those deavers :) and good help from a car salesman that attends our church we were able to get this really nice van. I still can't believe it's ours. I've never in my life had a car this new and this nice. Granted I would always rather go Nissan (he he) but we did what we could. Oh and it even has one of those new-fangled CD players...time to turn in the cassettes!


A Padgetty November Visit

So sometime in November Chris and Becky came for a visit. You can see the travel footage on the buddy video link (it has a great soundtrack). These are a few pictures from the weekend. Can I just say this: I love the Padgetts (I know, who doesn't)! But really, would my life be what it is if i didn't know them? Of course not. I understand i'm an honorary family member for which i am deeply, well...honored. Anyway, I love you guys.

p.s. Becky's pretty hot huh?

Yeah, It's February

So I haven't posted for a while. I'm going to try to make up for it over the next few days by posting about some stuff that happened...a while ago. This is really just a note to keep me accountable so that I do it later today, because if I don't, well this would just be a silly thing to be reading wouldn't it?
Miss you all,