I'm just looking at some recent photos...thought i'd post a couple.


Snow in October???

So, Chris visited the Hastings this last weekend...it was 80 degrees. In other news, it snowed here today.


Cranberry Festival Art Show

My mom took this picture at the Cranberry Festival Art Show about a month ago. It was really nice to see my photos on display. Plus there was a spaghetti dinner and ice cream social in the same building :) That mountain-ey photo in the background is one of the ones that i entered.



We got back a couple of days ago from our vacation to exciting Delaware. My plan is to put some photos on the blog of our trip...but i haven't gotten that far yet. So mostly this post is to say, "hey, I'm still here, sorry I haven't written much." Also, i've enjoyed catching up a little bit with my buddies blogs...but sometimes it makes me a little sad to read (and see) what everyone has been doing. I miss you guys a lot, and am really missing hanging out. So when are we going to have buddy time over Christmas? (p.s. click on the title of this post:)