Buddy day at the Milligans

I wanted to post some photos from the buddy day before it got too far into the past. If you saw this post before, look again...i changed it some.


Birthday Number One

Elinor Ann Reinders has now been a part of our home and our lives for over a year. There are two things that are hard to believe. First that it's already been a year, second that my love for her just keeps growing. She keeps getting stronger, smarter, and more fun.

Elinor loves people and food...so for her birthday we had people and food. It was work, but it was fun (and worth it).


Birthday Weekend

We went to Rockford this weekend to celebrate our birthdays. Elinor and i went to the Stonesifers on Saturday morning and got to see some other buddies too. Then on Sunday we had a party for Elinor with some of josh's family. Ellie had her own little cake to tear into. It was a great weekend.


The Big 2-5

Today is Josh's 25th birthday. In honor of that I decided to post a few photos of him, including "apple farmer Josh," "Josh with Van Gogh's self portrait,""Josh at US Cellular Field," and "bucket-head Josh." I love you Josh, Happy Birthday!


not modern art

No, this isn't a piece from the Modern wing of the Art Institute. We moved into our apartment with the knowledge that it would have to be painted. I volunteered to do it myself and our landlord footed the bill for the paint. It's great to have the freedom to choose what we wanted.

This is what we changed it to.


grandma thompson

This is a photo taken in 1938 of my maternal grandmother. She was a student at the time at Ohio Northern University. She celebrated her 89th birthday last month. The last time I was with her for her birthday was her 80th--she did some tap dancing.


Rockford Ohio

My entries seem to be going backwards, but ah well. These are photos from our Thanksgiving trip to Ohio. More specifically Rockford Ohio, the home town of my mother. The first one is a vase from a world famous glass blower who has a shop in town.

Those two tall gentleman with my mother are her brothers Robert and Phil. Robert is the bank president in Rockford and has a collection of old Rockford memorabilia in his office--which of course is what they're looking at. I wish I got some better pictures of what's in the case...there was some pretty quirky stuff.

That's my uncle Steve on his bike with my dad. One features Josh, my parents and Uncle Phil. The beautiful brick house in the background housed my grandparents in it's second floor apartment when they were newlyweds. Rockford is a town of about 1000 people, they're very proud.


Miscellaneous post-Christmas photos

My dad, Elinor with cellophane, and
the inside of our Christmas tree

New Years Day

Some New Years activities...including grilled cheese (with mustard) and some teeth brushing.