Shades of Grey

A while back i was accepted into a black and white photography show in Dixon. The show runs until June 24 if anyone is interested in checking it out. I haven't actually been there yet (The Next Picture Show in Dixon) but it looks really cool in pictures. Chris was there for the opening and took some pictures, so these are from him :)...oh, and those are my three.


My Garden

Last week Jim Miller (from our church) helped us work up the ground for my garden.

And here it is:

This is some lettuce coming up already (at least i hope it's lettuce). There is also corn, cantaloupe and zucchini with little leaves up. Oh, and the one end with the cages is all tomatoes...i LOVE garden tomatoes, which is the main reason i want a garden (hope mine don't have salmonella:)

We've had plenty of rain to water it too. This was a few days ago. The news said that a funnel cloud may have been spotted not far from us...hmmm...


She smells like hay

Everyone has their own smell right? Well Daisy smells like hay.