A Bunch of Thoughts and Stuff (because i just had some coffee)

First of all, sometimes i feel really isolated here. like we live on some sort of island and it's a big effort to get to the main land. it sure was nice to be in illinois (and Texas too, because i haven't seen some of my lifeway friends since we left chicago). so nice to be with people that know me and that i know...where i can just be "me". it was so nice having the buddy times at the stones (although somehow it's never enough time and i always leave thinking "but wait, i want to talk to val more"). and it was great having coffee with carrie (i miss that so much), and all the reinders family time was really nice. speaking of reinders...here are a couple of photos of them from their photo shoot in november :)

oh, and here is a family picture from Christmas

On the way back to PA we stopped at my grandparents house in Indiana. it was kind of sad. my grandma hasn't been doing that well. it seems to me she's starting to give up. she stopped getting her hair done and wearing her teeth. so it was a little shocking to see her at first. i wasn't used to my grandma being that grandma.

"Rise in the presence of the aged, show respect for the elderly and revere your God." Lev. 19:32


There and back again, and there and back again

I've been to Illinois twice and Texas once in the last month. woof. I've cried a lot of tears, most of sadness, but also some of joy. On Dec. 21 my friend jae got married. It was so good to see her again (she's been in Honduras) and I was honored to be a part of her wedding.

I love this photo. I know that some of you have seen it on facebook...but i like it a lot and want to show it off :) (p.s. props to chris padgett--he took it)