3 Years Old


christopher said...

These photos really are great.
I think I like the top and bottom ones the best.
Maybe they can be added to our portfolio section on our website ???
yea, for 3 yrs old!

Mommykendra said...

Happy Birthday Elinor!!!!
Great pictures Rachel!

Carrie said...

I love the bottom one, it reminds me of you! Can you believe that she is already 3 years old?! Happy Birhtday Elinor!!

Barack Hussein Butler said...

Beautiful Child. Takes after her mother. Write sometime.

veronica said...

my name is veronica i was looking for tiffany dowrick when your site popped up im wondering if your related to her i used to go to school with her in rockford ill at bloom elementery we used to good friends if you are related can you please tell her veronica jimenez from rockford ill is looking for her and if your not im sorry to bother you